Sweepstakes PriceMinister Widgets

We all know that social networks are becoming more influential in the daily life of the Internet and turn to our friends and acquaintances for advice when buying an object, either a book, DVD or, for give some examples. PriceMinister optimized the online buying and selling by adding a button to "share" that allows users to link their favorite products with all your friends and followers, buyers share the best deals they found on the portal and vendors promote your items and increase sales opportunities by having greater visibility. PriceMinister has also created three widgets that bloggers and webmasters can add to their sites. "The Widget Boutique: allows sellers to display the items in your shop online" The Widget Output: allows sellers to promote a specific element of your store-The Friend Widget: Allows users to earn 7 euros each time a person register and purchase from your Widget The concept is as simple as an innovator: We proceed in two phases. In First, each participant will have a chance to win if you share one or more items available in PriceMinister through the functionality of "sharing" and five more chances to win if you add widgets to your website or blog.

Winners will be chosen by lot on March 8, 2010. The second phase will appoint a monthly winner and January 2010 among all participants to use one or more widgets. The awards consist PriceMinister purchase coupons worth 300 euros each. About PriceMinister was created in France in August 2000, an initiative of its President Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, along with Justin Ziegler and Olivier Mathiot. This is an Internet portal specializing in the sale guaranteed fixed price and discounted new objects and second-hand private and professional. Given the considerable success of the company in the country Gaul, where it has become the second largest e-commerce website, PriceMinister decides to launch in 2007 in the Spanish market, where it already has over 2 million visits per month and an offer more than 35 million products.

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