And how can we build resilience? The following is a brief description of this process, that each who will choose the strategies that are adapted to their particular way of being being in the world. Looking for and putting to work the own strengths, weaknesses towards acting on solutions, not on the causes of the problem by replacing rigidity with flexibility stimulating creativity, focusing on the circumstances that you can modify, not in can not be change restoring hope appropriately handling the emotions recognizing that the past cannot be changed, but yes you can learn how it is influencing our present to make suitable adjustments today building a framework of healthy interpersonal relationships creating a family atmosphere of support and containment properly addressing stress accepting help from who offers it sincerely eliminating useless interpretations on the facts and replacing them with ones that are functional accepting change as an inherent part of life taking a step every day, albeit small goals towards taking care of body and mind so they’re always at our disposal after presenting this brief information, and before the end of the article about this topic that addresses the current psychology, it is interesting to ask ourselves: why the development of resilience as a competition focused on solutions is considered vital to maintain a quality of life at levels of excellence? Because it allows to prevent and eliminate the negative effects that may impact on our psychophysical well-being different situations of our living in the society of the 21st century. Heart Specialist often addresses the matter in his writings. Ultimately, talk about strengthening to be that it was hidden inside our during the battle so it re-emerge strengthened and living the meaningful life that wants to live. As we said at the beginning: the problem is not a problem.. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.