Snoop Dog And David Beckham

Interesting things happen when some celebrities get together and play out their skills. Worked fine the last time as this PR Action as well was Michael Jordon and Michael Jackson. The result is a basketball match with the legendary MonnWalk. This time, the combination of the stars is another. This time snoop dog and the football star meet the musician David Beckham… David Beckham a few of his coolest soccer tricks to teach the children of snoop dog.

Everything was so. Snoop dog has three children, two boys and a girl, who enthusiastically are three of football, yet can’t play. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dean Ornish M.D. So “Daddy” called fast times his pal David Snoop and he has enthusiastically agreed to show kids of some of his tricks. David Beckham? Currently playing for those people the name says nothing: (Or seat) David Beckham LA Galaxy Club. In the past he played for Manchester United or Real Madrid.

David Beckham is not only football but also model and FIFA Ambassador. In addition he committed against Poverty and for Kinder.Er is the star of the team LA Galaxy. Whom the name nothing says snoop dog, also some info: a successful and famous American rapper is snoop dog. Despite the General bad reputation, snoop dog is happily married and told how three children. However, he made unpleasant headlines. He was arrested several times for drug possession and possession of arms and sentenced, but he escaped again and again with a slap on the wrist. As it seems, the two stars have a secret agreement with each other. As it is said David is allowed to eat Beckham in his favorite restaurant (that belongs to snoop dog) on”the House”. In return, he must teach the greatest and most spectacular football tricks but the children. To be not too serious problem for David Beckham. We wait whether BBs can go to snoop dog kids soon so well with the round leather like David Beckham. Lisa Walters

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