Safety Barriers

The main function of intrinsic safety barriers – is to ensure the safe connection and operation installed in hazardous areas of simple sensors and devices with power consumption and power consumption is not higher than allowed, and also more energy-intensive equipment authorized for use in hazardous areas and having the appropriate type of protection. Now are widely used two types of barriers, intrinsic safety: the shunt diodes and electrically isolated. Wiring, join electrical equipment with a type of protection "Intrinsic safety" must satisfy the following requirements: 1) intrinsically safe circuits must be separated from other circuits in compliance with the requirements of gost 22782.5-78 * 2) use a single cable for spark-proof and intrinsically safe circuits is not allowed, and 3) wire intrinsically safe circuits of high frequency should not have loops, and 4) wire insulation, intrinsically safe circuits should have a distinctive blue color. Allowed to mark only the blue wires, 5) wire intrinsically safe circuits must be protected from interference that violate their Intrinsic..