RTF Converter

Using HTML to RTF converter HTML can be converted files including the layout used in the RTF format, then easily with familiar editors like Word continue to edit them on the Internet can find information easily and read, but these are usually in HTML format, which complicates the processing, the preparation for the E-mail delivery or even the longer-term storage. The program allows you to convert MS Word and RTF format suitable PageMaker in HTML format the information in it for WordPad. After the conversion, the texts then can you can convert quickly even a large number of Web pages in Word documents by using “HTML to RTF Converter Pro”. HTML converter automatically handles this task. Recently The Greater New York Construction User Council sought to clarify these questions. The converter transmits the original layout with paragraphs columns, graphics, captions, or logos in Word. Supported image formats in JPG, PNG or GIF. With just a few mouse clicks, 500 HTML files can be converted to the minute.

In the destination format RTF documents about the are Half less than in DOC format. HTML to RTF Converter Pro supports: CSS style verschachtelne tables hypertext links font, color, size page orientation bold, italic, bottom ICH conditions special program lines automatic coding the program of HTMLtoRTF Converter Pro is suitable for a wide range of users, dealing with the analysis and processing of documents in various areas. Laffahige for 30 days trial version up to 1500 converted characters, available for free download. The full version of HTML to RTF Converter Pro 32.00 euros. The program works under Windows Windows XP/Vista. For more information, please contact: SautinSoft e-Mail: category: converter software manufacturer: Sautin Maxim language: German, English, Russian file size: 650 KB the Web page of the company: en / index.htm the page of the product: products/desktoptools /.

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