Reversible Sleeve

Obesity surgeries there are many, but the gastric maga has become the most popular for being one of the newest, with low risk and very successful. Any obesity surgery will guarantee weight loss and this specific surgery makes you download all overweight, because your stomach is reduced by 85 per cent, as it is divided between two vertical clamps, without touching the intestine. The gastric sleeve is not reversible since Staples divide the stomach and as it was mentioned earlier, 85% of the stomach is removed. The part of the stomach that subtraction after the operation can reach between 1 and 5 ounces, depending on the surgeon, and the nerves and the outlet valve of the stomach remain intact to be able to preserve the functions of the stomach. The difference between the gastric bypass and gastric sleeve lies in the fact that with the gastric bypass splits only the stomach, it is not extracted to difference of with the gastric sleeve. Since the stomach is still there, the gastric bypass if it is a reversible procedure, in anytime the stomach can be reconnected and again have the same capacity that it had before the surgery. It is not that an operation is better than the other, but that because they act in different ways each surgery is recommended for a class of people according to their needs and overweight as needed to lose. He attends a certified physician to inform you what is the procedure that best goes with you..