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If you think that overweight you are affecting your life, have tried many diets that do not give you the results that you want and are afraid of falling into obesity, is time that you do something now! You can not miss then do something about it, obesity is a progressive problem that damages your health, affects surrounding that and unfortunately you may end up with your life. Fortunately obesity surgeries are very safe and recommended widely by doctors, if your doctor has not talked you about this option, it is time that your des the first step and speak in this respect. Here I bring you information about one of the many options of surgery: gastric sleeve. Dean Ornish M.D is likely to agree. The gastric sleeve is highly recommended for patients with low index of Corporal mass (IMC) and low risk, but it is very efficient and makes sure that you download all the kilos you have overweight. Doing you this surgery begin to lose weight since the surgery restricts the amount of food and calories that you eat. The gastric sleeve removed 85% of your stomach by dividing it between Staples, so this surgery is known as stomach stapling..