Private Medical Insurance

Bankruptcy wave feared insurers the global economic crisis has already manifested itself in many areas and left their mark everywhere. Still, the various nations struggling with the consequences. The sick insurance companies were also hard hit. Experts now fear that the provisions of this crisis could be affected. The private insurance portal gives further insight into the current estimates. A private sick insurance proves to be increasingly beneficial to a State insurance in Germany.

Currently, some critics noted that recently heaped additional breaks happened to private insurers, which makes loud discussions about an overreaching. Thus arises the question whether the measures are really attributable to the fight against the crisis, or rather be understood as a gift to the insurance provider. According to latest reports, it was decided that the insurance reserves of private insurers now up to a higher amount should remain tax free. This is to ensure the solvency of the health insurance companies at the end of the year. The affected reserves are mainly used to go to the end of the insurance year to all insured persons, no submission of invoices, posts back to reimbursed.

In addition, the reserve ratio indicates about possible financial difficulties of a company. Here may be partisan going in the Black-Yellow Government, remains controversial. The changed legal situation suggests a greater damage to the industry than previously assumed. Their liquidity is weakened due to the poor state of interest, provisions declined to EUR 9.7 million. An improvement of this development was not measured so far. It is therefore to think that the initiated measures to protect a bankruptcy wave of insurers.