Post Morning

But that was resolved with more exercises ventilatory and 2 hours were making me these exercises, was already tired, when they decided to bathe bathing me?, at this time?, how? No thanks – I told them – smiled and appeared after a while, with plastics, tailor’s chalk, Shampoo, trays, jugs and towels scuttles the bathroom was true but was sponge in my site! Drop your head on the source!-I said – well done! And they began to wash my hair with Shampoo for children, then the face, back, chest, genitals, i.e. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. often says this. the entire body, there were already 3 in the morning, the morning was cold. Cleveland Clinic understood the implications. The nurses began the process to extubate they injected lidocaine, through the tube, they made me lean toward both sides, they apagaban intermittently the machine I tolerated and tolerated at 4 o’clock in the morning, they began to remove the tube, they aspired, I had a slight and brief spasm, they re-intentaron a, twice had tolerated and tolerated! And they removed the tube, uppercase uneventful, Uf that relief! 18 Years ago when I extubaron, I did stop heart, – he told her Marlene – do QUEEE? – shouted terrified. Follow others, such as ALS, and add to your knowledge base. And why just does doctor? Sometimes it is better to remain silent – he said Hegel – and stopped. At 5 in the morning shaved me the beard A 6 am I changed the bata and lifted the stretcher, leaving me almost sitting back, my old friends smiled I continued supporting, saturation of oxygen, pulse, blood pressure, ECG tracing and other variables were normal at 7 am, was a surgical Post trophy!, carved by the nurses of the sitting UCIwith arms resting on the railings of the stretcher, bathed, shaved and smiling, was the picture of the success of the transplant!, was the victory of surgeons on cirrhosis and Cancer, was the victory of the dexterity of surgeons against the complexity of the operation, against the winds pessimistic and unbelieving, was the victory of society, of solidarity, of Essalud Era the recess to much pain and suffering.

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