Poetry Room

a Ah! This rough bed where I lie and this dark room and closed as well! I get up, but I'm tired … What is that noise in the room next door? a There is a garden by: feel the scent of flowers. I get up, but I'm tired … To read more click here: Dean Ornish M.D. I'm so tired but no pain. And the noise increases in the room next door. a _ down the drawer! _ Says one now. Who died while I was sleeping? A To Close door I hear someone crying, who laments the fate of going basis. a I want to get up the force so great inert my hands and hard body.

The priest prays in a foreign language, while remaining a prisoner in this dark room. Professor Roy Taylor wanted to know more. a earth is falling on the roof. It seems that the world is collapsing … The air that I breathe in the closed room and a crowd is out crying. a I feel a mild tremor, chill …

I'm feeling much of anything else. Why not take me out of this room cold? Someone died while I was sleeping. a It is so cold and so dark hole the garden where they lay my aching body! _ "As the gap is cold if the body is dead? From now on only the soul feels … a Translation: Graciela Cariello a Remisson Aniceto nasceu na cidade brasileira aconhegante small and Nova Era (MG), gives Itabira Vizinho Drummond. Seu sonho um day power was ultrapassar as Montanha do Vale do Aco to find or poet but, as this ja bem havi warned earlier: "tinha uma pedra no meio do caminhoa . Alguns years depois, em 1982, or poet retornou viajou and never again. Escreva Remisson poetry, contos e resenha for specialized sites em alguns literature, em alguns ja foi winning competitions and being visited seus trabalhos podem na International Journal of Poetry of Rosario, na Revista Parties Bacamarte e outras na Revista. Seu blog "Poetry for or world" e um espaco for years that a boa apreciam literature.