Personal Growth

It is good to accept the couple, isn’t it? It is clear that your partner has limitations, defects, weaknesses, and you get to accept your partner as it is. But you think that touch only you accept your partner? Is it that you do not have defects of character, weaknesses, limitations and habits that your partner has to endure? You also have things that irritate your partner. You have attitudes, habits and customs that alter your spouse. So not only your partner has to change. You too. You’re not perfect / to. Here is where vital personal growth to have a happier, stable relationship. It is necessary that change for the love of God, don’t be of those people who say that you are well and that nobody is going to change.

The stubbornness will only bring unhappiness to your marriage. Accept it. You have many flaws that bother your partner. So you must learn to be easier to love and tolerate someone. Changes. It grows as a person. Improve your weaknesses. Improve as a person is a sign of love One of the largest samples of love that you can give to your partner is to strive to be a better person every day.

If you change to improve, your partner will be happier, and you will notice that you’re committed / a with the relationship. And believe me, so much easier is that your partner will change also. When housewives to your partner, you try to be always happy, that pass a good time with you, try not to disturb their emotions or of irritate him / a. focus on what you should change the first step to change is knowing what you must change. You can have habits that others are irritating, but that your partner not imported him (as leaving mess in the House, there are people who do not bother you).