The majority of people who are still unmarried, have somehow experienced firsthand, the disappointment and pain of not feeling loved!. This disappointment have lived it in any of their presentations: discovering infidelity, who do not share the same sentiment, who don’t want to commit themselves, not wanting to raise a family, who are with you by interest, or capital, etc. But why someone who has been more than 6 months and who has shared an emotional relationship, finally the short, or yourself has to end the relationship, or if you’re lucky say you that they are no longer in love with you, or worse yet not even say it is, because the Party of interest in being with youIt is more important, which is worse, but finally…you know that something in the relationship doesn’t work, and knows through signals that you don’t want to see or accept. In this article, dear reader, discover what’s behind the cruel truth be not loved!, and what to do after discover it, but before we see what are those signs that come before the grand finale: the signals camouflaged are those signals are not as eloquent, but seen through small or subtle signs of little interest in the relationship, may be that they don’t want to share moments with you, with your family, with your friends. Or if you have the luck that go with you to any event, you spend it. evil, because it senses that something is wrong, but tries to justify, putting names or acquaintances is that, which I imagine you can do it but more u-boat are: is that is stressed out by work, is she was tired signs that scream are signals come you through comments from family, friends or acquaintances, everyone can see something yousimply cannot see. You are signs you are shouting to the face, but instead of stopping for some reason that only you know, is still in the stage of justifications.