Tinnitus unilateral (as you are scientifically called this symptom) in a very common disorder and the vast majority of cases has to do with a/otological / problem, although there are many other factors or not auditory pathologies that may cause it. In this case particular noise in right ear, will have to determine the type of noise that is perceived to gradually reduce the niche of potential diseases associated with tinnitus in principle. It is the responsibility of otorrino specialist to perform a questionnaire detailed about the noise heard by the patient to determine the type of tinnitus that suffers as a first step. Once identified the variety of tinnitus, can be carried another questionnaire that will give the physician an idea quantitative degree of incidence or discomfort that produces that annoying noise in the patient. Very common is that when performing basic studies such as audiometry or impedance and stapedial reflex, tests results are very ambiguous, so the specialist ordered a series of more complex tests to give with the accurate diagnosis. One of the most common causes of noise in right ear (and especially in patients in the fourth decade of life), is the asymmetric sensorineural hearing loss.

Once determined the existence of this type of hearing loss, and provided that other common auditory pathologies have been also ruled out, the Otolaryngologist will present a series of possible treatments that fit your particular case, both for the treatment of the underlying problem and thus also to the elimination or mitigation of symptoms the patient. As a complement to the treatment for the condition, the specialist shall inform the patient on a series of documents and change of habits that it must implement to substantially improve their quality of life and to maximize the results of the treatment. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever.

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