Natural Oncology Treatment

In the medical life of a small town event happened, which you can tell a sensational and unbelievable. When using the natural product is obtained to document treatment oncological disease in humans age, which surgical intervention was contraindicated. In cancer surgeon in doubt in the ability to transfer patients with cancer of the operation itself, as well as the possibility of cure, even if a favorable outcome of this operation. Within three months of continuous reception of the drug led to the care of a malignant tumor. In its place was a faint scar. For the uninitiated – is a great wonder where it is hard to believe! Many come to mind questioned the loyalty of the diagnosis.

Although in reality, the diagnosis was confirmed histologically, a detailed study of the tumor cell structure in the Regional Cancer Center. Especially in this organ (esophagus) of benign tumors in nature do not happen. It is foolish to assume that this case is unique in medical practice. No, no, this drug cured or markedly improved physical condition of so many cancer patients. Acquired and other amazing positive results in treating other ailments. Although observations at the local level is not much, because in our town this drug appeared quite recently. For all though it has experienced three Academy of Medical Sciences of Russia, and two research institutes, as well as testing conducted Moscow Cancer Center.

for five years, where funds have been awarded the National Prize. . Thanks to his excellent results, the Ministry of Health in 2004 issued a letter of recommendation for the use of his medical practice. Was protected by a lot of doctoral dissertations related to its use in various diseases. Information on this drug has also been published in the bme (Great Medical Encyclopedia). This drug effectively cures tuberculosis, hepatitis B and C, mastitis, diabetes mellitus, and gives a result in various forms of heart disease and diseases of the brain, reducing the amount of atherosclerotic plaques; depression, meningitis, osteomyelitis, and, most important, wherever located, skin diseases, not excluding, and psoriasis.

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