On the occasion of an interview given by the American writer Ernest Hemigway famosoa the Cuban press after meeting which had been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, the interviewee said: a Este is an award that belongs to Cuba, because my work was originally created in Cuba, to my people of Cojimar, where I am a citizen. Through all the translations present the adopted country where I have my books and my house . After reading the above might be resolved very surprised when confronted with elastic title of this article. In those words referred Hemingway Cojimar, Havana a coastal town where even though the U.S. did not have any settlement, if it was a place dear to him, for his furious love of fishing Peza said needle and being the fishing village where he had anchor his ship, a The pillar, Ela same trachea used in their bets almost daily with the underwater world. But it was not just the location inside of the largest of the Antilles in the Caribbean Sea and thus the great possibility of a big marlin bait that attracted the writer Cuba Cumbres borrascosasa a . Was varied range of attractions that he found the writer to the island from that in 1928 he visited Cuba for the first time to the point of linking to it almost permanentementea from 1933 until almost the time of his death. In 1949, he said in a chronicle of the reasons for his long residence in Cuba.