Leonie Walter Rheinstrasse

The online news portal for the economy gaining regional partners in North Baden and South Westphalia / emandu communications and as a regional partner, Freudl & friends get a Cologne, 23.03.2010. Two new regional portals are now under the umbrella of the economic portal online: the region North Baden is now under nordbaden.business on.de with regional industry news from Karlsruhe, Bruchsal to Baden-Baden and Buhl actively. The business portal of South Westphalia is launched. The two regional portals want to introduce the wide range of economic activities. After the previous proven recipe for success of business-on.de, the regional portals are present especially daily news, articles, interviews and reports, photos and videos of events.

The economic news set with their subject selection of entrepreneurs, Managing Director, professionals and senior executives from all industries. Through its integration with the established business-on.de platform can in addition to the regional reports also cross, interesting Topics offered as to corporate governance, finance, law and taxation, marketing and PR and lifestyle topics. Christian Weis, who founded the platform business-on.de, would be glad to open up two more economic agglomerations with the two regional portals. Currently, the online news medium has nationwide more than 400,000 readers every month. The numbers to evolve upwards”, so Weis. nordbaden.business-on.de is run under the direction of Karlsruhe communication agency Freudl & friends. Owner Agathe E. Freudl sees as an incredibly exciting and innovative economy”the region of Northern Baden around the technology centre Karlsruhe.

In the region, nearly 16,000 companies are established according to the commercial register. Above all you need to know news from the middle class, the editorial team wants to prepare for the regional portal and to provide more perception of the company. Welcomes the commitment: so about Bernd Bechtold, Chamber of Commerce President of the Industrie – und Handelskammer Karlsruhe confirmed: each medium outward-facing (…) is a step in the right direction.”suedwestfalen.business-on.de maintained communications by emandu. Thus, communications agency with headquarters in Ludenscheid intends to strengthen the regional network in South Westphalia. 2.0 and mobile Internet are planned among other regular specials with practice tips around the Web. Special attention in the reporting has 2013 the regional of the region committed with the aim, to distinguish Europe as an attractive living and economy. In particular, you should set standards for qualities and innovations in the development of the landscape and settlement area, in the infrastructure, culture and economy through the initiative. “Owner Jens Schluter wants to contribute its experience with the StrategieCentrum of South Westphalia in the work for business-on.de: we have established and successfully positioned the StrategieCentrum already for a year in the region of South Westphalia”, as Sahar. About business-on.de: The online service business-on.de launched on March 1, 2006 and is Since already in the regions of Cologne/Bonn, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Berlin, East Westphalia lip, South Westphalia, Middle Franconia, Munich, Nordbaden, Sudbaden, Weser-EMS, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Niedersachsen-OST, Ruhr area, GTE (German and Turkish economy) active. The activities should be expanded with other regional partners, serving the economic Portal as a licensee. Aim of the portal is to prepare regional interesting business information for companies.

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