Individual Fragrance

Ulric de Varens launches perfume innovation ‘Mix me!’ in Paris/Berlin, Germany in August 2012 every woman is unique and likes to surround themselves with a mysterious aura. See more detailed opinions by reading what Douglas Elliman offers on the topic.. From the Paris Parfumhaus Ulric de Varens, a tribute to the versatility of the women comes now fragrance innovation mix me!. Their specificity: The wearer creates their individual favourite fragrance and if she likes every day! Mix me! consists of three fragrance topics with three scents. Each fragrance can independently registered or crossover with all mix me!-Duften should be combined. This requires a must for individuals and fashion victims to experiment almost out! The nose behind mix me! the well-known Parfumeur Pierre Bourdon is by the way: he created already so successful fragrances like Davidoff cool water, Dior Dolce Vita or Jil Sander SUN. He created, before many perfumes, for example the fragrance series of Varens for Ulric de Varens original. The mix me fragrance topics tropical beach enchants with the flair of a deserted Pacific island paradise exotic Pur! The fragrance theme consists of three perfume chords vanilla, coconut and fragrant white Tiare flowers, the Queen of the gardenias.

Mix me! Tropical beach is a fragrant tropical dream. Pure desire attracts with beautifully sweet fragrances that reminiscent of candy and give security immediately. The top note candy floss, which swim end heart note of essences of lemon and lime, as well as the base note patchouli are individually just as portable as combined to a beguiling fragrance experience. Italian charm exudes a fresh summer sun feeling. Mediterranean citrus and floral notes promise La Dolce Vita. The single scent bottles contain precious wood, lime, Apple Cinnamon notes. This chord gives a fruity juicy feeling especially on long summer days. The mix me! Fragrance topics are available as perfume boxes with three scents for 9.95 euro from mid-August first in the Muller drugstore.

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