Hair Argan Oil Protects

In many regions it rains constantly, day and night, this is a problem because it prevents you not only work outdoors but it affects greatly the beauty of your hair, since this is hygroscopic, that is absorbed by molecules of moisture from the environment and then discarded them, however, by absorbing moisture hair swells and damaged cuticles that are the scales that cover the hair which give them strengththe shine and health to hair. This coupled with that rain water is mixed with contaminants that are suspended in the atmosphere that is why sometimes sales to rain and the day following your hair looks more battered and tangles easily. You can help to improve your hair if you apply argan hair oil or some of other hair treatment natural or synthetic that will help you to repair broken hair cuticles, to repair your hair cuticles regained the shine, manageability and softness to have a beautiful and healthy hair. In addition to apply argan oil for hair you avoid to lose moisture, this form is not resecara nor became fragile, it is important to try to keep dry hair, but if you can not avoid it don’t worry nor enter into hysteria. At the end of the day it takes a shower, not FSM your hair, towel dry it gently, applies argan hair oil and detangles gently starting from tips to prevent formation of large knots and damaged hair.

If the environment is moist not dry hair with the dryer very hot, this will dehydrate your hair and break your hair cuticles, dry with slightly warm air or cold if you can. Using argan hair oil will also help to repair your hair damage caused not only by the weather but also by dyes and fixatives, the properties of this oil are many and repairing not only the hair tissue but also the skin and nails. To care for our face best thing is to wash with neutral SOAP to prevent it from drying out and then use a moisturizer on the clean skin mainly in dry skin. It is proven that argan oil is an excellent tonic anti-wrinkle and firming of the skin and effectively protects tissues from external damage such as pollutants, radical and free, in the case of rainy weather even though there is no much solar radiation, the pH of the water is slightly acidic and becomes rain acidic. If you have dry skin and live in rainy climates it is advisable to use a moisturizer on your skin every day to prevent this abuse because of preference rain every night so I acted while you sleep and not fading because of the rain. If you want to know more about the uses of the characteristics of argan oil and argan hair oil closely follows my articles.