Graduate Education

“An interesting field for both sexes also if you in everyday life rarely the male counterpart to the professional kindergarten teacher” hears not only women prefer an educator Chair office furniture in a standard job. The official job title is educator/educator. They work either in urban or church kindergartens, are used but also in children hoarding and children’s homes. For the education profession to qualify in a three-year education through a so-called FOR completion. During this period, the trainee spends each week three days as work placement in kindergarten and two at the vocational school in the first year. Then the training will be divided: the second year can be spent fully at the school; the third, which ends with the final examination in kindergarten or a similar institution.

In addition to the practical skills such as patience and general good dealing with children, great emphasis is placed on the subjects German, psychology, music, and art. Also socio-educational basics are learned. The Educator must recognize the different stages of development of the child and specifically respond, as well as on the needs of sick or disabled children. It is important always to reflect on their own behavior, and on this basis to develop educational concepts. In terms of psychological and sociological mechanisms be learned of group development and behavior, which one social phenomena in the kindergarten Group concerning inclusion, exclusion and conflicts should reflect.

For everyday life, dealing with toys and media will as well as trained the organisation of group matches. In addition, an aspiring educator needs an overview of the legal rules which relate to the care and supervision duty of minors. In addition, there are important rules for the cooperation with parents and the Youth Welfare Office. The children in the kindergartens are divided into groups. The classification is often so age according to play after the age of the children, with them, making or to be able to sing. The kindergarten teacher supports, educates and encourages a group of children. Most of the time is still a trainee or Assistant to the page. They promote the physical development of children through sport, guided games or dances. The movement is fun the children and if they afford each other assistance or do something together that promotes the team ability and social with each other. The fine motor skills is promoted when tinkering with the children. In addition to working with children, also the planning and organisation of children’s Garden Festival and tours belongs to their tasks. You organized parents evenings and is otherwise at any time for information. For the craft, and the common cooking with the children, she must determine the need for material and get it. Also conflicts among the children must solve them, comforted crying children and treat even minor injuries. For these activities, the teacher Gets a monthly salary of about 2400 euros.

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