Global Economic Crisis

Companies need innovative ways to maintain their competitive advantage in terms of talent of its staff. The crisis threatening employee commitment to the company or towards the same goals. Please visit Dean Ornish M.D if you seek more information. In turbulent environments, better trained employees will find different options. Economic competition between countries threatens many social factors that damage the employment relationship. It is the responsibility of the human resources area to look beyond economic interests of enterprises and to propose a balance between people and the organizational reality of work, allowing countries and companies to achieve long-term competitiveness economic scenarios presented in this competitiveness dynamic where companies come forward that have been prepared for it, without neglecting the role of human resource that represents a significant capital in achieving its objectives, dsempeno, which increasingly requires a skilled, prepared so that you can use creative and innovative potential that exists. Good management can not neglect its human resources, must be vigilant in their training, development, especially in Latin American companies where it is necessary to be fully identified with what actualmene human factor is needed to ensure participation to ensure competitiveness. At about the scope and impact of human factors in an interesting work provided by IESE Professor Marta Elvira, with Anabella Davila, shelled the relationship between human resource strategies and business success. Both have published a book Best Practices in Human Rosource Latin America (HR Best Practices in Latin America), where its views on the relevance of human Factor Latin American reality. give us some feedback that we consider important to bear in mind such as: The area of human resources in Latin America has the opportunity to become an indispensable support for businesses to adjust their strategies to the global economic crisis.

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