Fitness Definition

It is difficult to give an exact concept than the word fitness means. It is very difficult to separate the concept of fitness than the fisicoculturismo it has been coming announcing for more than 50 years. Healthy life, correct feeding and physical exercise. In a question-answer forum Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. was the first to reply. Nothing else nor nothing less than " healthy mind in body sano". Concept: when we spoke of " fitness" we are referring us to " improvement of the figure corporal" or " good form fsica".

These two ideas are those that reflect the concept of &quot truly; fitness". Fitness is much more that to improve the static aspect of our body, it is to take as much physical a healthful and vital life as mentally, is really " a life style more natural". But for it two fundamental pillars exist: the physical activity in anyone of its variants and a correct one and heals feeding. If these two principles are considered separated is truly difficult to enter the world of fitness and of the health. Physical activity: The human body is destined to being exercised.

The heart is a muscular pump, that needs stimulus of loads of a certain level to remain healthy throughout great periods of time. Kevin P. Campbell, PhD may find this interesting as well. The investigations are discovering continuously new relations between the paper of the exercise and the optimum health. The best investigators of the aging process mention the phrase " The body is not worn away oxida". The inactivity will shorten, without a doubt, the maximum period of genetic life of an individual; a moderate and regular exercise will contribute to positive a mental attitude and a sensation of well-being. One has demonstrated that the exercise reduces the risk of a cardiac attack. Many degenerativas diseases are related to the obesity, and the exercise avoids kilos of more. The physiologists of the exercise know that, as we age, we gradually lose our capacity to carry out a work.

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