Evacuation Payload Tow

The most important thing in the evacuation of a compliance transport vehicles and compliance with safety regulations when handling and transporting. The first and most important rule is to load a car on tow truck weighing not more than its regulatory capacity. You certainly ask why, or what it is connected. Quite simply, if the weight is exceeded, there are the following risks: 1) can break a wheel, due to excess tire pressure, due to the increased load on the bus. In this case, the machine can tip over on its side. Consequences you can imagine 2) The machine is deteriorating controllability, which can also lead to the fact that tow overturn the result. 3) The machine will not be possible to pull the platform evacuation. These risks stem from the fact that the towing winch on the platform set based on the capacity of the vehicle. 4) Burst winch tow (up to break the windscreen, not to mention the basic loss of control over the machine, which promptly begins to move down from the platform towing). 5) break down the ramp car evacuation.

A second, equally important rule is mandatory fixing the car’s wheels to the platform towing anti-belts. This requirement is due to the following facts: 1) Preventing falls from car platform during a sharp turn towing 2) Damage to the car and most tow during heavy braking and the last shift of the first 3) Making more rigid construction tow vehicle – with a view to prevent more severe damage in an accident with a third party the third rule is compliance with rules and regulations directly in loading – unloading, namely: 1) Lack of a submersible vehicle passenger cabin 2) Removing the machine from the hand brake and transmission at car with a winch 3) Parallel race car on the platform (mandatory tow truck driver control over the process) 4) Reduction of hydro – Platform tow truck in the loading position and one of the most important rules of evacuation – I believe the following: ‘In the case of loading of the damaged car to be 100% sure that it is suitable for transportation and will not cause damage and damage to life and health of people around them. ” Also, in the process of evacuation should be considered: 1) What drivers should undergo mandatory instruction and know all the tricks and events that may occur when improperly performed Operations 2) Drivers and operators dispatch should inform the client about his actions during the loading, unloading and transportation of his car.

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