Emergency Care

Despite such a large number of operations, the number of patients in the waiting list is growing steadily. According to statistics, only in the United States in January 2001 this operation was waiting for 16,861 patients. Liver transplant allowed not only to reduce mortality, but also to return to normal life of tens of thousands of people. life expectancy is 18 years after liver transplant, according to the Pittsburgh Institute of Transplantation the Thomas Starzla, accounted for 48 percent of one of the world’s first experimental liver transplant was performed in Russia, vp . But in clinical practice, this operation in Russia has been introduced only in the nineties in Currently in Russia there are only four centers, where such intervention is possible. Since 1990, they had done no more than 70 liver transplants. Reasons for such an extremely poor performance a lot. Need opening an office in liver transplant Institute of Emergency Care. nv Sklifosovsky was a long time.

This was due to the arrival of large numbers of people with dekompensi-centered cirrhosis etiology of all kinds to the department treatment of acute liver failure. Help such patients to the old ways and can not wait for a good outcome is possible only in the case when a liver transplant. According to the autopsy made by the Russian University in past 5 years, two and a half percent of patients who died have died from liver cirrhosis and its complications. The aim of this paper is a reflection of the first experience of liver transplantation in terms of special problems for Russia, concerning transplantation of organs and tissues. The paper reflected the preparations that were made before the introduction of liver transplantation in the clinic, the procedure for examination of 15 patients whose names were included in the list expectations as well as a description of two cases of liver transplantation in the clinic. Discussion of the results of the study of liver transplantation Branch Institute of Emergency Care. nv Sklifosovsky were grouped in the March 2000 introduction of the practice for liver transplantation has requested a multilateral organization and training, coordination of the newly opened branch of allied services, urban center of organ donation. Was gathered experience in domestic and foreign transplant centers before the introduction of liver transplantation in the clinic we performed 30 orthotopic liver allotransplantation in an experiment on dogs. And reached a 5-day survival of laboratory animals without immuno-suppression. In the experiment, questions were honed multi-organ sampling and conservation bodies, coordination of all personnel, as well as venous bypass bypass surgery and intraoperative invasive monitoring. In parallel with the experimental and organizational work of the examined patients for the production of their names on a waiting list for liver transplantation. As a result, survey in the waiting list have been made to the names of fifteen patients with diffuse liver disease.

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