Chinese Screening Machine

The main work of the vibrating screening machinery manufacturing are: accelerate the institutional reforms to create new mechanisms, to address the historical burden, meet market demand; to establish an advanced management system, improve the level of equipment, to accelerate the process of enterprise information, so that enterprises can participate in the competitive conditions; introduces the technology, capital, and attract the best talents, to produce distinctive products, in this way, enterprises can develop healthy to catch. Wet fine-coarse-grained material (6 mm, 3 mm) dry depth screening has always been a hot issue in the screening field.let us still take coal washing and processing industry as example, as we all know, the slime water system is the most complex of the entire Coal production system, the highest production costs, income minimum (and sometimes even full-Edge painting addiction) v. the next two days of short-MR prepared will not only have a direct impact on the accuracy and stability of main wash equipment washing and the ore beneficiation;Moreover, due to the fine coal contains a higher moisture content After washing, and reduces the heat of the product and affect the price of the product, therefore, in the Coal sector, it is known as re-election back flotation. On the other hand, most of our mine production of thermal coal are equipped with the characteristics of smaller particle size, the ash is lower, which is suitable for screening and washing of the joint process, that is to sieve out the pulverized coal directamente supply power plants and other users, coarse-coarse-grained coal washing and processing further. Thus, it is important to simplify the process system, reduces production costs, and improve economic efficiency and environmental protection. Accompanied by the powder particle technology, mechanical engineering technology and other related fields of scientific and technological progress, many new ideas, new technology and new materials are introduced into the screening technology, processing capacity and screening efficiency of the screening equipment have experienced a long way progress, equipment, the reliability is gradually increased, while many of the new screening equipment have been developed. For example, in recent years, the UK RussellFinex company ultrasonic technology (Vibrasonic Screen DeblindingSystem) were successfully applied to the ultra – fine grain size of the screening operations to solve the blockage of the sieve, making the screening technology to replace the past, some only use the wind to solve the classification fine-coarse-grained material grading operations and further expand the scope of application of the screening operations.

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