Buenos Aires

Ruth was born into a Jewish family. His brother four years older than she was always a favorite with his mother. All that did was cause for celebration and adulation. Instead Ruth never heard a compliment or a word of praise or a loving kiss. It was useless to do anything to get his liking.

Nothing was important enough for his mother to give her a loving gesture. From an early age she noticed the difference and was always like a cross that led to back. A cross that without a doubt, I felt very heavy. His father was a man who led a double life. He had a family in Buenos Aires and one in La Pampa and did not pay much attention ever. He spent very little time with them and with his wife and that time there was just something very rewarding, because the humor acre of both towards a dent in the two children.

Also frequently used to get drunk and when he returned to his partying whizzed through the air, everything in its path, including his children if he stood in the way, so that the two used confined to the room to avoid having to endure. His brother liked equally the physical chemistry. More than liked, one could say he was passionate. I used to do experiments by following the instructions of a book and at times caused little damage, but his mother never bothered and never punished him for them, always found an excuse to excuse it.