Bourgeoisie Mother Country

The words of president Hugo Chavez, to prepare itself for the war, within the framework of a warlike scene that him weapon to the country in their Colombian border, has initiated a true process of patriotic movement. Far from argumentation facilista competing in question of smoke screen to conceal yearning eternal of his dreams, that is to say, that Chvez is fallen (broad that sounds since it arrived at the power), is a new presidential axe blow on brings back to consciousness of country that it has or it has to have a Venezuelan against the eventuality of an external aggression, brings back to consciousness by the way seriously injured in the case of the competing mind, for that they did not seem to exist foreign threats by any side, but internal problems that repel directly on their liberal definition. That is to say, on its capitalist approach of conception of the life, its money, its individualism rayante in the egoism, its stingy deprived property, its constitution interpreted to its way, in short, its press, freedom and equality like factors historical of definition bourgeois, takes who it to smell like sulphur everything what tolerates changes in its damage. Bond to say, on its condition bourgeois. Because a bourgeois is that: tried he brings back to consciousness of sufficiency and autonomy over kingdoms (if we spoke of its origin) and States, last situation this that takes to the interpretation of which another thing concerns a cumin to him to happen over the right of the others with so safeguard its prebandage (is not the State: the confluence of the right of all). Neither the more nor the less, the Venezuelan political opposition, openly enemy of the process of changes of articles of incorporation that practices in the country, del that it interprets goes against its traditional and individualizantes interests.

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