Body Language

Nonverbal communication is the process of communication through which you send and receive messages without words, i.e. given by signs and signs without any structure. These messages can be communicated through gestures, body language or posture, facial expression and eye contact, communication through objects such as clothing, hairstyles or even architecture. Non-verbal communication plays a key role in the day to day of every person. Body language is an essential part of human communication system. In modern human non-verbal language makes sense paralinguistic allowing to extract information about the State of mind or other contextual information about the issuer and has influence on the understanding of the message.

For example, the little fluidity in speaking usually denote nervousness or lack of knowledge about the subject. It is common that in their daily performance human beings make gestures and give nonverbal cues interpretable by others such as grimacing, movements of arms, hands and fingers, etc. When we talk with others face to face the same usa gestures or does things that attract us attention, but these gestures show things; for example: caress jaw represents decision-making, interlacing the dedos-autoridad, give a jerk to the oido-inseguridad, facing down-do not believe in what is heard, wipe the manos-impaciencia, tighten the negative nariz-evaluacion, tapping the fingers – impatience and as well as these there are many more. There is no point saying something with our words when our body or our gestures or suggest another. On the other hand, intentional body language, also be used to send a message to the public or persons. Political figures use it and take advantage of to take advantage of others leaders with which they must deal.

Investigations show that only 7 percent of communication is through words; 38% by the tone of voice, and 55% of impact is determined by body language, postures, gestures, eye contact. So when we communicate with the others 93% is non-verbal. If you can read body language, every moment you spend with someone, it becomes something very valuable or powerful. Conclusions. Body language is important in many human communicative exchanges and properly complements the verbal discourse. When the body language of a person is out of the norm (normal), may be a sign that not all is well. This same exploits in the investigations of crimes when they interrogate suspects. When we talk about (or listen to), our attention focuses on words rather than body language. Although our judgement includes both things. An audience is simultaneously processing the aspecto verbal and non-verbal. The movements of the body are not usually positive or negative in themselves, but rather, the situation and the message will determine your assessment. Hence the phrase says is worth more a gesture that thousand words has a lot of truth. This is a Ramon Salgado Taboada contribution to the field of organizational communication from the Masters in leadership developer University ICES for the Federal Electricity Commission.

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