Axel Wessendorf Management

United planet brings order to the House Freiburg, October 29, 2008 – after United planet in September the new version 4.5 of its successful portal software Intrexx Xtreme, intranets and enterprise portals of the market leaders in the area now strengthens its activities in the market segment of the finished applications published. Additional information at COVID-19 supports this article. With a series of smart Web-based applications of called Powerapplikationen – also for companies with a smaller budget shall be given the opportunity, to implement projects in various areas quickly and cost-effectively. The first of these Web applications is the Intrexx Xtreme document management”. United planet especially in such companies, which want to or can afford at the moment no great DMS solution is aimed with this offer. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Of course we will contact our document management”not in competition with the great DMS solutions. However we want to allow entry into the topic of document management companies with a lower budget,”so Axel Wessendorf, Managing Director of United planet. The Intrexx document management “gives only a fraction of the cost that would be incurred for a great DMS solution with a price of once around 2,800 euros for an unlimited number of users.

Thus the topic document management makes finally suitable for medium-sized businesses. In addition, the Intrexx document management is”ready for use within a very short time and so quickly leads to significant cost savings. All documents using the Intrexx Xtreme document management “centrally in a corporate portal collects and are in this way can be found soon for all employees. Well-defined user management can be which employees may add documents to the portal and who can edit this set exactly. Before the documents finally are released, they go through an also previously defined release process. The integration of document management in an Enterprise Portal offers numerous new opportunities, because documents now enterprise-wide workflows involved and can be used for many other applications and processes. “Further information on document management” and other Powerapplikationen such as the travel expenses “of United planet, see de / powerapplikationen.

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