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garden), the transfer services with sedan and speedboat from Phuket Airport to the resort and return, full Board (breakfast and 2 Claudia vegetarian Spa meals per person/day), 1 x 80 min Thai massage per person, 1 x 80 min. holistic massage per person, 1 x 60 min. foot acupressure per person, 1 x individual consultation on arrival, personal butler service and daily wellness activities, lessons and fitness programs. All taxes and fees are included with included. The offer is only valid for the period from the 11th to 18th February 2010. The minimum stay is 2 nights. For those who want even more pampering and invigorating activities, the six senses destination Spa Phuket offers the following two optional special arrangements: ‘My perfect Valentine’s day’ and ‘Welcome to the year of the Tiger’. The optional special arrangement ‘My perfect Valentine’s day’ (for a stay of 2 nights) at a price of THB 8,600 per person (including taxes and fees – euro 185,-corresponds to approx.) in addition includes a cooking class for healthy desserts, a six senses Oriental fusion treatment as well as a cleaning and soothe the skin and a clay Pack. The optional Special arrangement ‘Welcome in the year of the Tiger’ (for a stay of 3 nights) at a price of THB 11,200 per person (including taxes and fees – Euro 240,-corresponds to approx.) in addition includes a tea tasting ceremony, a course to the mixing of Mocktails, a Thai PRA KOB massage, a Kinesis kick training session and optionally a Iridology consultation or a dietician. Reservations can be made through the contact form on the website of the six senses destination Spa Phuket ( at the following address:../Contact-Us.php for more information contact please: Simon Leitz FIVE STAR MARKETING Flemish Street 6-10 24103 Kiel – Germany T: + 49 (431) 98 26 1-0 F: + 49 (431) 98 26 1-10

Erich Fromm

These encounters left him a pleasant aroma of happiness and freedom to age 11 problems of the Vietnamese war obliges his family, with him obviously established in Guadalajara, change with that starts a new stage in his life and that far from ending their aspirations, reaffirm it in their search spiritual at age 17, in Guadalajara, the new spiritual period who lived as well as existential questions, urged response and guidance; like other young, lived the indifference of teachers with respect to the urgent issues of student life. Teachers only dealt with the transmission of information, of their own academic preparation and training to students, that the learner to comply with standard and school requirements program indicated, subverting the subject object in this suffocating mecaniscista area, continuing with the search for a light for his spiritual life that will help you in the consent. In contrast to the society where he came from, this school environment gives you a traditional, materialist environment, with a tax political ideology, decontextualized its reality, without regard or respect by beliefs and way of thinking of students and since the philosophy of the school had nothing to contribute to their need for meaning of life or its urgency to find real spiritual help, flips, along with many young people more, to the nascent alternative spiritual groups that swarm in Guadalajara in that period of history. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. contains valuable tech resources. From that moment begins a pilgrimage by various groups of various philosophical trends. Until then his lectures on Buddhism had not ceased and it began to read about psychology, especially to Erich Fromm and Carl Jung who he considered to be in the correct line. On one occasion, continuing the search for that universal love glimpsed in his childhood, he attends a meeting of a Gnostic group, who had just put the first school in Guadalajara and that was causing a stir; the concurrency was filled with adolescent and youth have or might something that could give domestic life.

Benefits Of Happiness

The benefits of the happiness: In the days of crisis, one even can be happy, all that one that secures the happiness can get to live up to 10 years than more average, undergo stress much less and its health is far better that those that claim not to be it. The state of total happiness, is the absence of the fear. In Spain, 44% of the men and 48% of the women, affirm to be happy. The psychologists, say that the happiness would not have of being a goal, but the good way of our lives. Today we bring advice to you for acercaros more and more to the happiness, small habits very easy to obtain that they can cause that we take a life far better. 1.

You do not lose the good humor. or you would be debilitated physics mentally and 2. The joy is within you. He does not depend on the others and you can proporcionrtela every day. 3. Cardiologist recognizes the significance of this. You do not lament yourself, lives the present, the today, here and now of every day. You do not lock in yourself in the past nor you worry too much about the future.

4. To have more things is not to be more. The material possessions no they guarantee the happiness. 5. To give is better than to receive. If you try that the people who surround to you are happy, you will be it your also. 6. It lives as you think. It is necessary to live peacefully with one same one and being consequent and so you think. 7. It forgets the negative. You once in a while inventory of the good thing that it has passed and it forgets the bad thing to you. 8. It takes a healthful life. If you are healthy it will be easier that you are happy. 9. Hazte tributes from time to time. A whim does not pass anything to occur, but he is something very healthful. 10. The crises are part of the life. It is only necessary to accept them and to use them to return to us more forts.